NO REALLY! “My Mother in Law is a Witch!” Freedomain Call In

WHAT’S UP STEF! I’m [name], female

Okay here is the issue, I want babies in the future but there is no way I will let my kids hang around a self-proclaimed “Solitary Witch”… AKA my mother in law.

And a little backstory: my husband and I are high school sweethearts and met in band, where we played percussion together. We fell in love, yadda yadda… he found out about my abusive family and we began to formulate a life plan to escape and be free and live together forever. So, at the age of 18, I packed my bags and my boyfriend (now hubby)’s mom said I am welcome to stay with her to figure things out. In my darkest moment, she held me and told me I am safe. As I lived with her we grew a bond. She was a strong ass woman and taught be how to stop being a victim and become a boss ass bitch of my own. Basically, she just taught me self confidence and responsibility, something my parents never taught me and something I didn’t even know existed.

Anyway, over the years my husband and I moved away to another state, and she became an empty-nester and that’s when sh*t began to hit the fan. We came home to visit, and my husband’s old bedroom had been turned into a freaking witchcraft room! There were crystals everywhere, herbs, books on spells and geodes and plants… and we found a strange mélange of things… jars that contained potions and statues and other weird things. After becoming a witch, it was uphill for a little bit. She got a job promotion and said it was because of a spell etc.

Fast forward a couple of years, and she has totally quit her job. A mid 40yr old who has worked all her life… no job. Why? Because she was BULLIED. I’m not buying it because she was the one who showed me to be strong and overcome any victim mentality, so how in the heck is she a victim of bullying? Not only that but apparently, she talks to ghosts and goes to graveyards to get to know the dead. So now a witch is the same thing as a medium?

She calls herself a “solitary witch”. I love her and she is the only family I really have… but I can’t handle the irrationality of a witch. And I don’t want my future babies around that. She puts spells on me and my husband and I don’t want spells on my kids (real or not). It’s a warped mentality all in all.

How do I keep a relationship with a witch?


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