NYPD: No “Unnecessary” Arrests | True News with Stefan Molyneux

0:00 – Introduction to The Stefan Molyneux Show
0:37 – North Korea Sony Hack Sanctions
5:00 – NYPD Police Assassinations/Non-Enforcement
14:02 – Watch me spank my 12 year-old daughter…
21:55 – Loneliness: A Modern Epidemic
29:10 – Scientific Journals Withdraw “Gibberish” Papers
34:58 – How Play-Doh Ruined Christmas

38:07 – Mailbag: Your recent show entitled “Racist Until Proven Innocent” contained a short snippet where you argued that Eric Garner was victimizing the people who pay cigarette taxes because he was selling loosies, and thus avoiding any taxes on that product. Would you care to expand on or explain your original statement in greater detail to help clarify?

42:43 – Mailbag: I have a question about the podcast “Death by Incentives”. Why are health insurance companies liable if their clients spread infectious diseases in other countries or regions? Why is that not the personal responsibility of their clients?

46:50 – Mailbag: How would you define happiness?

50:30 – Mailbag: My son is asking about ISIS and about the Khmer Rouge. Then he compares the former to the American colonists’ revolution against the British. One was good – so why not the other? What would you say to him?

54:00 – Mailbag: What would happen if social entitlements were severely curtailed – either from a collapse of the dollar or a stringent political approach?

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