Ocasio Cortez HOAXED by Fake Supporter’s “Eat The Babies” Solution To Climate Change Crisis

Ocasio Cortez HOAXED by Fake Supporter’s “Eat The Babies” Solution To Climate Change Crisis. At a recent town hall event a presumed fake supported of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made absurd and outrageous demands that we “eat the babies” and “eat the children” in order to solve climate change.

This sparked debate and outrage form many and was instantly wielded for political gain by all sides. After the initial demand AOC did not reject or denounce the claims much to the joy of conservatives like Tucker Carlson who quickly pointed it out asking why wasn’t her first reaction to say “No!”

But it was soon discovered this women was likely a Lyndon Larouche supporter engaging in a hoax on Ocasio COrtez and the democrats.

Interestingly though, the demands about eating babies is not too far off from some recent suggestions. A professor recently DID state that humans should consider eating human flesh to stave off climate change.

This hoax was clearly meant to take that claim one step further to point of offense.

AOC defended herself by stating they were trying to have compassion for a woman who seemed to have a mental condition. While I can respect that, I have to ask why the far left doesn’t hold this to be true for another famous activist with several mental conditions, Greta Thunberg.


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