Oh, the Humanities! | Stephen Blackwood | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E42

Dr. Stephen Blackwood: Philosopher, cultural critic and founder of Ralston College.

Jordan Peterson and Dr. Stephen Blackwood discuss his work as founder of the Inner City Youth Program and his experience with developing Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia. We get into a deep discussion about the inner workings of philosophical aspects about social constructs, University and the humanities, the spiritual ‘culture crisis’ going on today, and more.

Dr. Stephen Blackwood is the founding president of Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Blackwood specializes in the history of philosophy and dedicates a large portion of his work and studies on Boethius. He has contributed a great deal to several programs including the St. George’s YouthNet as well as an educational mentoring program for inner-city kids in Nova Scotia. Dr. Blackwood has been recognized by the floor of the US Senate due to his op-ed “ObamaCare and My Mother’s Cancer Medicine” that reached the Wall Street Journal.

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[00:00] Jordan introduces Dr. Stephen Blackwood.
[02:00] Starting off the conversation by talking about the Inner City Youth Program.
[13:00] Asking Dr. Blackwood on the development of his interests into eventual career choices.
[16:30] The start of The Foundation Year Program.
[18:30] Studying Humanities empowers people to make their own larger meaning and could be the most effective way to improve life trajectory.
[26:00] Attacking the idea that all social constructions are just predicated on grabbing as much power as possible.
[43:40] Dr. Blackwood critiques the enlightenment of the postmodernists.
[51:00] Examination of the “Woke” search for meaning. Touching on group ideology.
[1:07:30] Trying to understand when the left goes too far. Power grabbing and setting the moral ground to use your own power and violence to obtain whatever you want.
[1:12:30] How Christianity relates to discerning deeper truths of being.
[1:27:00] The antidote to the spiritual and cultural crisis according to Blackwood.
[1:27:30] Jordan speaks on the intrinsic pleasure of aiding the development of others.
[1:33:30] Blackwood talks about the resources we have to overcome this spiritual-cultural crisis we find ourselves in.
[01:39:30] Jordan asks Stephen to expand on his fascination with architecture as a medium for contemplation of the past with the present.
[01:44:30] The process of creating Ralston College.
[01:50:00] Examining the ways that Ralston College is hoping to shake things up in the world of higher education.
[01:55:00] Wrapping up.

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