One Fix for Hollywood Bias

Hollywood constantly insists that it’s not diverse enough.
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Will Smith warns of “a systematic bias that needs to be addressed.”

John Stossel says ” they never talk about: diversity of thought.”

Hollywood movies are full of anti-capitalist themes.

In Avatar, GREEDY miners will destroy a planet for valuable ore.

In Amazon’s new Jack Ryan, Socialism is not to blame for Venezuela’s problems. Venezuela’s dictator is an anti-leftist nationalist. The “good” Venezuelan politician is a “social justice” advocate.

Stossel points out that “Hollywood’s documentaries also celebrate the left.”

RBG, for example, puts Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on a pedestal.

“Justice Ginsberg is impressive. But so is Justice Thomas. Would Hollywood ever praise him?” asks Stossel.

Hollywood’s condescension toward anyone not on the left frustrates the few actors who lean right. Most fear saying anything because they’d lose work. But actor Kevin Sorbo talks about it.

“All of a sudden … less and less calls. My agent said we’d better part ways and I went, ‘wow, I made a lot of money for these guys,” recalls Sorbo.

“Did you ask him, why do we have to part ways?” asks Stossel.

“I knew why. They told me why. They were pretty straight forward about it,” responds Sorbo.

Kevin Sorbo was even banned from a comic-book convention, East Coast Comicon.

He says, “[Hollywood has] the most anti-tolerant people and hateful people that we have right now.”

Sorbo continues, “Every movie I’ve seen now, every TV show I seem to see, doesn’t matter what it is, there’s always some point, someplace, where they’ll … degrade anybody who’s conservative or Republican.”

His response was to produce his own films, like God’s Not Dead, a Christian film that cost two million dollars but returned 140 million.

Hollywood is ABSURDLY biased. Maybe market competition will bring some balance.”

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