Online Censorship BACKFIRES On Democrats, Party Being FRACTURED By Far Left

Online Censorship BACKFIRES On Democrats, Party Being FRACTURED By Far Left. New reports from CNN and the NYTimes show us that the Democratic party base is actually fairly moderate and older yet for some reason the top Democratic 2020 hopefuls seem to be chasing after far left and social justice policy.

The reason seems to be that social media censorship and bias is skewing the conversation so far to the left that politicians believe that the fringe far left minority make up a larger portion of their base. There is no better example than the Green New Deal and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While the Democrats aiming for 2020 almost entirely support the bill, the largest federation of labor unions denounced it and not ONE Democrat voted for it. In fact three Democrats voted against the Green New Deal.

But it’s a combination of the squeaky wheel getting the grease and censorship forcing the conversation to the far left that is fracturing the Democratic party. While many are scared to reject the regressive left orthodoxy others are being challenged by far left democrats aiming to remove them from office in a “primarying”

While the bias against conservatives shows us surface level problems. It seems that the censorship may actually be backfiring on Democrats who continually call for censorship by skewing their perspective away from what mainstream Americans actually want.


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