Population Breakdowns in 29 Islamic Countries- What Happened to Non-Muslims? (THE SAAD TRUTH_169)

The following 29 members of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) have 90%+ of their populations made up of Muslims. In many of these cases, nearly the full population is Islamic. Given that each of these countries were non-Islamic at some point in history, what might explain these population trends?

Note: At the 2:28 mark, I meant to say “the plight of the Iraqi Christians today in Iraq” (not “in Syria”).

In the case of UAE, a viewer pointed to a figure of 77% (as reported on the relevant Wikipedia page). This is not the representative number in that it includes visitors. Of note, “Among Emirati citizens, 85% are Sunni Muslim, while Shi’a Muslims are 15%,…” (from the same Wikipedia page).

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