Progressive “Paradise”

Minneapolis did most everything progressives wanted — but the city still had racist cops, and violent riots after they killed George Floyd.

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Minneapolis burned even though it adopted most every “progressive” idea: a $15 minimum wage, housing subsidies, mandatory paid leave, “green” targets, strong unions, and the most expensive school system in the state.

Did they at least reduce the racial income gap? Minneapolis’ black/white income disparity is about the biggest in the country.

That confuses the media. “Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind,” reads a headline in the Washington Post.

Instead of “but,” the word should be: “therefore.”

Because as Minnesota Senate candidate Jason Lewis points out: “When you take away the incentive for work and savings and investment, you get less of it.”

But Minneapolis politicians say they just need even more government. And even less free enterprise!

“Capitalism as we know it” must go!… says councilman Cam Gordon. In the video above, we debate.

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