Psychologist: How To Fight Woke Brainwashing Of Your Kids (Pt.3)| Gad Saad | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Gad Saad (evolutionary psychologist, author, The Parasitic Mind) about how diversity and equity pledges are beginning to compromise scientific inquiry, how he’s been treated on campus since becoming an outspoken heterodox thinker, and what you can do to fight back against the woke indoctrination of your child in public schools by woke school curriculums. Gad cautions us to not think that Donald Trump can fix these problems or make critical race theory vanish with the strike of his pen. These idea pathogens are being pushed towards younger and younger audiences. Public schools are becoming factories of indoctrination and there are increasing reports of woke school curriculums aiming to get into kid’s brains before they’ve made it to high school. These woke kids are being taught bizarre and dangerous ideas about racial identity. Gad shares a personal story of his own young son’s reaction to the ideas of toxic masculinity and the dangers of pathologizing normal boy behavior. Gad also discusses the sign of a true friend and why Jordan Peterson embodies those ideals and why we all need to find our inner honey badger to fight off the threat of idea pathogens.

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Gad Saad
Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist & Author, The Parasitic Mind
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