Red flag laws violate our rights ft. Dana Loesch | #TruthStraightUp

If we learned anything about the Left in the last two years, it is that their disregard for due process, the presumption of innocence, and individual liberty knows no bounds.

Kavanaugh was presumed guilty from the moment he took the national stage. President Trump is still being accused of collusion months after the special counsel found none. The Left’s latest attack on personal freedom? Red flag laws.

Red flag laws are a bastardization of our right to due process.

There are already legal pathways to prevent someone from purchasing or carrying a firearm.

If an individual poses a danger to others, our legal system provides remedies through civil commitment, mental fitness adjudication, and restraining orders. These legal options limit an individual’s access to firearms while respecting the cornerstone of our republic—due process.

Red flag laws put immense power in the hands of bureaucrats, reduce oversight and transparency, and limit an affected individual’s options for recourse.

If it appears that there is corruption in our justice system now, just wait until red flag laws become the law of the land.

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Red flag laws are a total bastardization of our right to due process. If you want to have someone declared ineligible to carry or purchase a firearm, we have many, many legal pathways for that to take place.

You can have a civil commitment. You can have someone adjudicated mentally unfit. You can take out a restraining order against an individual.

There are a number of ways to do this while still respecting the cornerstone of our republic, which is our right to due process. You don’t have to diminish this right by passing red flag laws.

That’s what red flag laws do.

I have yet to see a red flag law proposal that does respect due process. Furthermore, there are no checks and balances. It’s very difficult and very expensive to clear one’s name and clear one’s record and get one’s property back.

If you think that there’s corruption already in the justice system, just wait until red flag laws are the law of the land. Kim K. isn’t going to be coming to save you in her Yeezys.

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