Red Pills: New Generation Wakes People Up

Citing the movie The Matrix, Candace Owens says she “took the red pill,” waking up to see that conventional wisdom is wrong.

Now she shares her perspective with millions of people on YouTube.


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“I launched my career on YouTube… My second video went trending worldwide with 80 million views,” Owens tells John Stossel.

She hopes to convince other blacks that Democrats’ big government policies are harmful.

Owens argues that the big issue facing blacks is not racism or police shootings, but dependence on government. That began, she says, more than 50 years ago with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”

Since then, the rate of black unwed mothers rose to 77 percent.

Owens blames the government, “they incentivized mothers not to marry their fathers. That’s why single motherhood is up. The government would give you more if you didn’t marry him.”

Owens tells Stossel regulation and overreach hurt the black community. “We’ve got the government regulating nail salons, eyebrow salons. Government has extended an overreach into every single arena of our lives.”

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