Regressive Logic: Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Is a Nice Guy (THE SAAD TRUTH_68)

According to Regressive Logic, Jeffrey Dahmer is a swell guy since he committed murders on “only” 0.28% of the days that he was alive as an adult. He was peaceful!

Note: I inadvertently said “Jeffrey Miller” at the 3:20 mark! Of course I meant Dahmer.

Addendum (September 30, 2015): I was informed that Atheist_Roo has independently used the same analogy using the same serial killer (embedded within one of his clips on a broader topic)! In the spirit of granting due kudos, I wanted to recognize this by providing the link to his clip: Many thanks to @DolphKantor for having sent me the link. How dare Atheist_Roo beat me to the punch!

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