Republican Matt Gaetz SLAMMED For Voting With Democrats On Iran Resolution

Republican Matt Gaetz SLAMMED For Voting With Democrats On Iran Resolution. Nancy Pelosi, rather hypocritically, pushed for a house resolution to limit Donald Trump’s powers in the middle east.

8 Democrats actually defected and 3 Republicans did as well. Defecting Democrats voted not and defecting Republicans yes.

Republican Matt Gaetz is facing harsh criticism for backing Pelosi and “giving Democrats a talking point” but Gaetz was taking the constitutionally conservative position.

Congress has the sole power to levy war and Gaetz felt congress should approve of any actions that could be deemed as such.

While many conservatives, trump supporters, and republicans are outraged that he would deviate from the party line its actually that outrage that feeds Nancy pelosi’s trap.

This is a non binding resolution and essentially does nothing but by slamming Matt Gaetz over his vote it shows that many Trump supporters care more about tribalism than they do about the constitution and principle. This is exactly what the never trumpers and far left want to use as a proof that Trump’s base is a cult.

In reality it has been the far left and Democrats that have demanded insane woke purity tests. One example is how they pressured Democrats into supporting impeachment by saying they would primary them and remove them if they didn’t

Jeff Van Drew refused to back down and actually switched parties over it.

Republicans need to be careful not to fall into a trap.


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