Researchers Are Afraid To Do Transgender Kids Research (Pt. 1) | Debra Soh | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Debra Soh (Author, The End of Gender) about the dangers of getting involved in scientific research involving transgender kids who decide to transition, the potential irreversible damage that could be done by medical interventions on a growing number of nonbinary millennials and the growing number of people who experience transgender regret and decide to detransition. Debra discusses her background in sexual neuroscience and how her research led her to the conclusion that the topic of transgender kids, gender dysphoria and whether or not they should transition at an early age had become a forbidden topic of discussion of science. Her research conflicts with the current accepted belief that kids suffering from gender dysphoria should receive gender affirming transgender surgery. Instead she suggests that when left alone most are simply gay kids that will grow more comfortable with their identity later in life. She also discusses the climate of fear that has developed around even doing research on this subject.

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Author, The End of Gender
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