Safe spaces aren’t so safe ft. Christina Hoff Sommers | #TruthStraightUp

College campuses today have become hostile environments for the very ideas on which they were founded: reason, free expression, logic, and the open exchange of ideas.

Why? Because of safe spaces.

Don’t be fooled—safe spaces aren’t about protecting people. The safe space culture is simply a new way for those in power to exert control and enforce conformity of thought.

Instead of relying on debate and reason to persuade others, the radical Left now uses safe spaces to bully and intimidate those with different ideas.

It turns out safe spaces aren’t so safe after all. In fact, they’re quite dangerous.

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Trigger warning! Safe spaces can be dangerous.

On our college campuses, the safe space culture is creating a hostile environment for reason, argument, humor, and free expression. Don’t be fooled. It’s not about protecting vulnerable people.

The trigger warning, safe space movement is just a new way to assert power and control others. Instead of having to persuade them through evidence and argument, you intimidate and silence with psychodrama.

Since the time of Socrates, education has been synonymous with debate, inquiry, and challenge. If our universities replace the ideals of free inquiry and critical thinking with safety, they will lose their reason for being.

So, safe spaces? Not so safe after all.

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