Several Policy Violations Allowed Epstein’s Death, When Does The Conspiracy Make more Sense?

Several Policy Violations Allowed Epstein’s Death, When Does The Conspiracy Make more Sense? In the lead up to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide several procedures and policies seem to have been broken creating the result we saw in the news, Epstein’s demise.

Epstein was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes, he wasn’t.
Epstein was supposed to keep a cellmate with him, the cellmate got removed just before he died.

Aside from that why was he even taken off suicide watch considering how high profile he was?

What’s strange now is that the left, far left, and the right all seem to agree that the story is fishy and at some point Occam’s razor would suggest foul play. Now it’s possible all these factors came together to allow such a high profile person to end their own life but when you have mainstream democrats, journalists, and activists questioning this foul play seems likely.

The bigger question then is why so many other journalists are refusing to accept the possibility. Why do so many poo poo the idea that something foul was afoot? Certainly its possible and considering all that had to happen to allow this it seems even slightly probable.

Will Chamberlain of Human Events joins me to discuss ideas about this and other conspiracies that the media so often seems ready to ignore

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