Baltimore has been governed by leftist policies AND infested by rats for far too long. Under liberal reign, Baltimore is now leading in:
– Homicide
– Forcible Rape
– Robbery
– Aggravated Assault

It is time for Baltimore to wake up and not accept the awful conditions they are forced to live in because of poor leadership. Baltimore should not be on the same ranking as the most dangerous countries in the world. Baltimore is a city in America and not a third world country, which is what the past mayors have turned it into.

Black Americans in Baltimore are sick of being treated like they are not part of the greatest country in the world and demand better policies and leadership. Black America deserves better! We are waking up and it’s time to heal America.

Hear from Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Will Witt, and many more BIG announcements to come. This is the movement that is reshaping the discussion around race in America. Let’s make history, together!