Shelby Steele | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 105

Author, columnist, and documentarian Shelby Steele has been a leading scholar on race in the nation for decades. A strong advocate for the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Steele promotes individual liberty and freedom. However, modern racial movements and policies, he says, have done more harm than good for the cause of equality. Increasing dependence on the government has undermined the cause of liberty. Steele, along with his son Eli, have recently released a new documentary, “What Killed Michael Brown?”, an investigation into the 2014 Ferguson, Missouri shooting, just as George Floyd’s death rocked the nation. The film has been labeled as controversial in some unexpected ways. Shelby joined the show today to share the full story, as well as discuss the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and organization, and the reason President Trump and his supporters are so often labeled as racist.

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