Democrats just won control of the House of Representatives. One of their big issues, single-payer health care, in which government pays all health care costs.

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Canada, Norway, and England have versions of single-payer.

Chris Pope, of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, tells John Stossel that the results aren’t as great as progressives claim. “ In England there is rarely a week that goes by without a crisis or another in the healthcare system being part of the news. This year there was a crisis in emergency room care. People left in the hallways for hours and hours. “

When Stossel asks if single-payer isn’t the solution, what is? Pope suggest more competition between hospitals, and adds “We currently have a system based on employers picking which healthcare plan is good for employees. If we move towards a healthcare system where individuals were more responsible for shopping around. People would choose a better system.”

Under our current system, government and insurance spend 7 out of 8 health care dollars for us.

Pope says “the question is, do we improve on the healthcare system by empowering consumers, or do we basically just say, ‘This is the government plan. Deal with it.’”

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