Stefan Molyneux: Ask Me Anything!

The Host of Freedomain Radio answers a series of rapid-fire questions on a livestream! 26 Jan 2019

2:31 (((??Stefan??))) No he isn’t.

3:25 Do you think Alberta will secede?

12:44 Can we get a review YouTube series on Cobra Kai?

14:44 Was Eisenhower right about the military industrial complex?

15:25 Do you have an opinion on what’s happening with Owen Benjamin?

15:40 Where do you see yourself in ten years?

15:49 How would your opinion change on immigration if welfare was abolished?

16:33 How many years until the US government collapses? Which states will split off?

17:14 Would you talk about race and IQ with Jordan Peterson? Is he aware of that subject?

20:50 Is Poland left-wing?

20:56 Do you think profiteering from a platform like Twitter is acceptable?

21:07 Should we repeal the 19th amendment?

23:18 Will there be a violent backlash to massive amounts of 3rd world immigration?

25:15 What are your thoughts on space exploration?

26:18 What do you think of what happened to Roger Stone?

28:07 What advice do you have for single fathers living separate from their child?

30:14 What do you think of Trump opening the government back up w/o wall funding?

33:26 When it comes to toilet paper do you ball or fold?

33:49 Do you find AMAs frustrating? No he doesn’t.

34:02 Do you think Joe Rogan is retarded?

34:51 What are your thoughts on Robert Mueller?

35:06 What do you think of the Myers-Briggs personality test?

35:15 What’s your favorite album?

36:07 In marriage who gets the deciding vote?

37:52 Why won’t you debate Mike Enoch or JF on the JQ?

43:21 Do gated communities provide a false sense of security for economic calamities?

43:39 What do you think of Alice Miller and her work?

43:54 Are the Zionists paying you to keep quiet? No.

45:50 How will the liberals cope with racial conflict, will it change their minds?

49:42 As a young woman I am tired of all the degeneracy around me.

50:55 Is politics a battle between people who either want patriarchy or matriarchy?

57:30 JF has said you two were in contact, will there be a debate?

58:55 I’m having difficulty speaking the truth while earning income. (deep answer)

1:05:39 Whenever I discuss race & IQ people say my sources were declared racist by the SPLC. (long great answer)

1:14:13 I’m scared of whites being the new Jews with all the hate going around. (another long great answer)

1:20:41 What are your thoughts on potential US military intervention in Venezuela? Venezuelans and boomers BTFO’d.

1:27:03 When will you talk to Patrick Casey from Identity Europa? Naggers BTFO’d.

1:28:43 About the saying “those who can’t do teach”, are there areas where this isn’t true?

1:30:05 Should I compromise on no early sex in a relationship?

1:31:29 Any thoughts on the rise of breast ironing in the UK?

1:31:45 How would you regulate 3rd world migration to the west?

1:37:05 More elaboration upon the precarious situation that whites find ourselves in.

1:38:37 Do you believe white American males alienated by leftyism should vote with their feet and move elsewhere?

1:39:04 Would you support the creation of a white ethnostate somewhere in South Africa?

1:41:24 What do you think of Bitcoin?

1:41:44 Stefan NOTICES something about the Jerusalem Post.

1:44:00 Did the US fake the moon landing?

1:44:05 What are your thoughts on western Canadian independence?

1:44:30 Brexit is in tatters, should Stef make a video on it?

1:49:47 I fear I am low IQ and often feel unimportant, how to overcome these feelings?

2:00:24 When are you going to make 1 million subscribers?

2:01:03 Question about suffrage and the America’s Selective Service.

2:02:09 Have you changed your mind on the JQ yet?

2:02:25 Does size matter, if so is it girth or length?

2:02:35 Are there aliens?

2:04:46 A trans-“woman” virtue signals.

2:05:09 Final thoughts on the Covington School Grin-gate?

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