Thank You, Fossil Fuels

Today’s Black Lives Mater protests often include the claim that fossil fuel use is racist, because climate change will hurt the poor and minorities most.

But minorities and poor would be hurt even more if limits are put on fossil fuels.

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Having electricity doesn’t guarantee wealth, but not having it almost always means poverty.

As energy journalist Robert Bryce says in his new movie Juice: How Electricity Explains the World: “Electricity has allowed people, in particular women and girls, to escape the drudgery of past eras. It has liberated them from the pump, the stove, and the washtub.”

Electricity also “allowed us to conquer our oldest foe, darkness.” It let people work and study in the evening. It’s made streets safer.

But most cheap electricity comes from an unpopular source: fossil fuels like oil and gas.

Climate activists demand we move to “green” alternatives. But those are expensive. The Greens’ impractical dreams hurt the poor most.

“It’s going to have a bigger impact on low income and middle-income Americans,” says Bryce.

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