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Question: “In Death by DACA, Stefan asks a question that comes up in my life often when discussing the topic of America as a nation, culture and Government with anyone: Do children inherit things their parents obtained illegally? Stefan goes on to say ‘Do Bernie Madoffs Children get to keep the profits of his Ponzi scheme? Well, no, I mean, it all has to go back.’ I’d like to ask Stef, who truly owns America? The reason the answer to this question is important to me is that when discussing this topic in my personal life I often find myself unclear of how the European colonialist settlers have a valid claim to America when they acquired the land through initiating coercion against the indigenous people who were already here. I believe that clarifying the truth on this matter will help to bring unity between individuals and create a greater incentive to refrain from using the force of the government to resolve the cultural and political conflicts that are still present in our present society. On a personal level it will give me more confidence when facing the aggression and hostility that this topic can manifest when I’m debating the subject.”

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