The hard truth about Islam ft. Robert Spencer | #TruthStraightUp

When Islamic terror strikes our country, we’re told by the Left that Islam is just a “religion of peace that has occasionally been hijacked by extremists.”

But is it?

Here’s the truth, courtesy of Robert Spencer: Islam is the opposite of a religion of peace.

In fact, Islam is the only religion which demands violence against unbelievers. All mainstream sects of Islam teach this doctrine with no exceptions, and Islamic legal systems reinforce it.

This doesn’t mean that all Muslims are engaged in violence, however, to deny that violent jihad is not part of mainstream Islamic teaching is to suggest that Muslims both today and throughout history have drastically misunderstood their own religion.

Are you having difficulty believing that? So are we.

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Every time there is a jihad terror attack, we hear that Islam is a religion of peace that has actually been hijacked by people who misunderstood it.

In reality, Islam is just the opposite of a religion of peace. It is the only religion that has a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system mandating warfare against unbelievers.

This is something that is taught by all the mainstream sects of Islam and all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence without any exceptions.

This doesn’t mean that every Muslim is going to be waging war against unbelievers, but this is mainstream Islamic doctrine.

To believe that Islam is a religion of peace is to believe that Muslims not only all over the world today, but throughout history, have misunderstood their own religion so drastically as to think that it is calling them to do acts of violence in order to gain the favor of Allah when it is actually teaching peace.

This strains credulity way beyond the breaking point.

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