The Origins of War in Child Abuse | Full Audiobook

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0:00:00 – Introduction by Stefan Molyneux
0:01:38 – Chapter 1: The Killer Motherland
0:51:49 – Chapter 2: Why Males Are More Violent
1:22:49 – Chapter 3: The Psychology and Neurobiology of Violence
2:33:03 – Chapter 4: War as a Sacrificial Ritual
2:57:50 – Chapter 5: The Seven Phases of Going to War
4:02:20 – Chapter 6: The Childhood Origins of World War II and the Holocaust
5:20:30 – Chapter 7: Child Abuse, Homicide, and Raids in Tribes
6:03:17 – Chapter 8: Infanticide, Child Rape and War in Early States
6:53:34 – Chapter 9: Bipolar Christianity: How Torturing “Sinful” Children Produced Holy Wars
8:10:23 – Chapter 10: Patriarchal Families and National Wars
9:08:10 – Chapter 11: Global Wars to Restore U.S. Masculinity
9:52:50 – Chapter 12: Ending Child Abuse, Wars and Terrorism

The Origins of War in Child Abuse was written by psycho-historian Lloyd deMause. For more information on Lloyd deMause and The Journal of Psychohistory, please go to:

Interviews with Author Lloyd deMause:

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