The problem with safe spaces ft. Ben Shapiro | #TruthStraightUp

So you want your safe space?

All your beliefs are exactly right, and the last thing you want is someone invading your campus and saying things you don’t like, right?

Toughen up, sweetheart.

It’s time for you to learn to be an adult.

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So you want your safe space.

I know, I know, you are in your dorm, you’re ensconced there, and you feel so comfortable with all of your friends who tell you that you’re just a great person and all your beliefs are exactly right. The last thing you want is somebody invading your campus and saying things that you disagree with, because that’s just tyrannical and awful.

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re wrong ever. You should always feel like you’re right.

Well, toughen up, sweetheart. I mean, the bottom line is that it’s time for you to learn that there are a lot of differing opinions.

Discussion is good for you. It makes your views stronger. It makes your views more durable.

Maybe your opinion is changed. Maybe it’s not. But in any case, it is that exchange of ideas that actually makes an intellectual community worth having. And if you’re not willing to engage in that intellectual community, you’re in the wrong place.

If you want a safe space, we can find a padded cell for you somewhere. If you want life to just be a giant teddy bear, go back to being a child.

But if you want to be an adult in the United States of America, you’re going to have to deal with the fact that there are people who disagree, and that’s a good thing to discuss.

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