The real racists are leftists ft. Derryck Green | #TruthStraightUp

Today, it’s commonplace for leftists to call us “racists.” The reality? Racism is actually a phenomenon of the Left.

Martin Luther King Jr. was commonly attacked by his critics as being a “mouthpiece for the white man,” a criticism that came from leftists.

For a more modern example, look at Kanye West. One could disagree with things he says or does, but the people that are criticizing him from a racial standpoint are leftists, not conservatives.

When you hear people saying that conservatives are bigoted and the Left is the “side of civil rights,” ask yourself this:

Which side condemns black conservatives for speaking out and expressing their individuality?

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It’s commonly said that racism emanates from the right. I disagree. I think it comes, primarily, from the left.

One example I can think of is Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. During the civil rights movement, he was articulating Christian principles in combination with the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. He was commonly lambasted by his critics as being “a mouthpiece for the white man.” Those critiques came from the left.

If you want to take a modern-day example, look at Kanye West. We may not agree with everything that he says or does, however, the people who are criticizing him from a racial standpoint are coming from the left, not from the right.

When you hear people saying that the Right is racist and the Left isn’t, just think to yourself, “What side condemns black conservatives when they speak out and express their individuality?”

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