The Second Amendment isn’t just for muskets ft. Dana Loesch | #TruthStraightUp

One of the most common anti-gun arguments is that the founders couldn’t have conceived of “weapons of war” being available to the general population when they wrote the Second Amendment. This argument is absurd. America won the war of independence because average, everyday Americans had weapons of war, which were muskets at the time. The Left argues that the Second Amendment wasn’t written with powerful firearms in mind, but history proves otherwise.

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Loesch: “But when the founders wrote the Second Amendment, all they had were muskets.” Yeah, no. Here’s why you’re wrong.

First off, Thomas Jefferson had an air rifle that was later incorporated into the Austrian military. Then, don’t forget about Mr. John Belton who was going to sell his Belton guns, which were about as close to full auto as you could get back in ye olden days. Actually, the Continental Congress said that they could use them for Washington’s army, but they were too expensive. As a result, we didn’t have Belton guns when we went to fight the British.

What we did have were muskets, and guess what? The British also had muskets. Then, later on,
rifling came into effect, et cetera, et cetera. But one of the reasons why we are actually here and it’s the United States of America is that we won the War of Independence. We won the War of Independence because average everyday Americans had weapons of war, which were muskets.