The Truth About Marco Rubio


Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is a United States Senator from Florida who previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. As Super Tuesday approaches – Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump compete for the Republican Presidential nomination.

During an primary election where illegal immigration and rebellion against the Republican establishment are driving votes and popular opinion – Marco Rubio remains a polarizing figure to conservatives.

Infamous for his role in the Gang of Eight legislation, Rubio has been the subject of criticism – but what is The Truth About Marco Rubio?

3:44 – Financial History/Career Timeline
32:15 – Immigration, Refugees and The Gang of Eight
44:45 – Missed Senate Votes
46:24 – Corinthian Colleges
48:30 – Education
50:35 – Marriage
51:57 – Abortion
54:00 – Black Lives Matter/Law Enforcement Racism
56:40 – Gun Control
58:04 – Marijuana and Drugs
59:36 – Central Banking
1:01:10 – Iraq War, Saddam Hussein and Middle East Policy
1:05:49 – Iran, Russia, China and Cuba
1:08:05 – Health Care/Obamacare
1:10:25 – Corporate Subsidies
1:10:40 – Death Penalty
1:11:07 – Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
1:11:40 – FBI vs. Apple
1:12:10 – Sex Crimes
1:13:10 – Religious Freedom Restoration Act
1:14:22 – Energy Policy
1:15:00 – Net Neutrality
1:16:00 – National Security Agency
1:17:50 – Eminent Domain
1:17:40 – Internet Rumors


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