The Untruth About Stefan Molyneux 3: IQ


One of the greatest challenges of having a public conversation about complex philosophical topics is the wide differences in expertise between those new to the conversation, and those well-versed in prior arguments and evidence.

Formal education deals with this problem by requiring mastery of more basic skills before being exposed to more challenging topics.

That does not happen in a podcast.

I want to provide enough challenging topics to maintain the interest of long-term listeners – while not simultaneously alienating new listeners. I have to teach intro to philosophy – as well as intermediate and advanced philosophy – all at the same time.

In particular, I let listeners guide the conversation during call in shows. I gauge the level of expertise of the listener, and respond accordingly.

Now – one trick of my attackers is to take a more advanced conclusion, and present it without any of the prior arguments and evidence.

This way, the conclusion can be perceived as shocking or offensive…

IQ interview series:

The Truth About Crime:

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