Trump May Release Ukraine Transcript Causing Theories About “4D Chess,” Was The Goal To Smear Biden?

Trump Considers Releasing Ukraine Transcript Causing Speculation About “4D Chess.” Republican Trump allies have added to the choir of Democrats calling for transparency in Trump’s dealings with Ukraine amid the Joe Biden and Hunter Biden scandal.

But if it was the case that Trump abused his power to go after political rivals why would they entertain the idea of releasing the call transcript. Why would Trump even admit to the call when it turns out the “whistleblower” wasn’t even actually a whistleblower.

The news stories have begun shifting to Biden and what he was accused of. Its a complicated story but may actually be a big nothing burger. Ukrainegate may just be an inverted Russiagate.

But perhaps that was the intent. Republicans and Trump using this scandal in the same way Democrats used Russia against Trump. In the end I’d assume the transcript will reveal nothing and nothing will come of the Biden story.

Meanwhile, Trump’s base won’t care and moderates are burned out by 3 years of Russia collusion nonsense to the point where even if there is something bad for Trump revealed no one will care, many won’t believe it. Democrats have cried Russia so many times that only the “resistance” will likely be motivated by any of this news.

But in the end it gets the media to resurface the allegations about Joe Biden and certainly the far left democrats are enjoying it as much as Trump.


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