Trump’s Sanctuary State Gambit – Brilliant?

How brilliant is Trump’s Sanctuary State gambit?

Do you think Trumps response to the question about pardoning Julian Assange is going to harm his chances for 2020 re-election?

How do you unwind and relax with this weight on your shoulders? Please never shrug. I love you Stef. Wouldn’t be the man I am without your help. ?

do you believe in freewill and if so how can such inhere in a universe made up purely of matter governed by laws of nature?

Connery or Moore?

What is wrong with Canadians? Were almost 152 years old and all we vote for the two same 2 old parties who are not that much different, why are Canadians scared of real change? Is it familiarity or comfortability? Seems odd

Best piece of advice for young entrepreneurs? Thanks, keep up the great work!

Pt.2 I want to end monopolies and help economic growth, also incentivizing Traditional values. I am a nationalist, but I am an ethnic nationalist for European. Stefan you seem to match the description extreme individualist?

Hi Stefan, what are your thoughts of European people life before Christianity? Baltic states have never lost their pagan roots. Thank you.

if you could I would like you to comment your thoughts on my I am a critic of Foreign intervention and spending especially on Israel. Im an economic-centrist favoring some regulation especially on monopolies…

I’ve watched and donated for 3 years. It gets better and better as time goes. I’ve doubled my income by selling toilet paper instead of bicycles. However, first date conversations just got a little less interesting. Advice?

Stefan, I’m 25, make 25k a year, self-sufficient. Decent relationship w/ my folks. But I’m very lonely, friendzoned by all the girls I’m attracted to. Can’t believe in myself. Jaded. What should I do?

Found you in ’15 and went from self-hating/disassociated to a euphoria that had me crying at the beauty of light shining through tree leaves in summer. I’m no Greg, but I’ll support your work till I die. Too much to type. Thx

What made you think you could create a successful philosophy show. When I use the word philosophy I can see people’s eyes glaze over

Hey Stef. Do you still have a relationship with Alex Jones? I’d love to see you on the show again. Or vice versa.

My girlfriend is a Jehova’s witness, and I’m a Christian. She wants to be a Christian but doesn’t want her family to hate her. We’ve been together for two years and her family hates that we are dating. Thoughts on what she should do?

who owns the Notre Dame? The Catholic Church ,The City of Paris or the Country of France?Will atheists be forced to rebuild a church?

I know you oppose all government in principle, but if you could make one small improvement to the design of the American republic what would it be?

I’m a white atheist guy, dating a Muslim Bengali girl with Canadian citizenship. Should I run.

Stefan, my patients sometimes want to hold my hand and pray before I put them under for general anesthesia. I am an Atheist. Should I pretend to pray with them at their most vulnerable time?

Any advice from your experience on writing new books/novels/blogs? Have many ideas much influenced by you & Jordan Peterson, mentally not knowing where to start. One novel idea including both of you!

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