Undateable? Woman Wants Money, Cheats On Boyfriend – And Plays Victim!

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Question: “Stefan has mentions subjects as ‘red flags’ and also that childhood trauma can develop certain patterns in behavior or even deficiency in the brain which leads to certain behavior. He also has mentioned facts about promiscuity and how that decreases the chances of a successful marriage with a person who has had more partners in life. The reason I want to have this call is because recently my boyfriend broke up with me after 2.5 years and his arguments were: ‘You have too many red flags, Stefan Molyneux says this and that about this and that… so you are too much of a risk for me and I don’t want to continue and take this risk.’ If someone has the ‘red flags’ (childhood trauma, promiscuity, drugs, emotionally unstable) is it always going to be a risk? Is it possible to truly heal and be virtues or will it always be a risk at all time because you cannot change the past? Can a person with red flags ever get rid of the risks it creates by doing self-work or will it always be a risk despite? I really want to make better decisions in life about relationships. Stefan always says, why is everybody calling me afterwards? Well I try to call him beforehand and use his advice to make better decisions.”

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