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Question: “I have been listening to your podcasts for about 1 year and my husband has listened to some of them recently. I have started reading real time relationships and am about half way through. I have already been hit with many truths most of which are physically painful. I am contacting you because I feel time is running short for our marriage and I cannot pretend anymore. I have tried to speak with my husband many times about this but he avoids it and or doesn’t understand what I mean. I don’t want to break up our children’s home and damage them even more. I have many regrets about the kind of mother I have been even though I swore I wouldn’t be like mine. My objective with contacting you is to try and minimize any further damage to my children and to survive my marriage. There is no physical or verbal abuse in our marriage but we avoid everything that may bring a conflict. It is fake. To sum up our relationship you can substitute our names for ‘Bruce and Sheila’ in Real Time Relationships. I know you can’t tell us what to do but I feel you could give us or even just myself the kick in the ass we need. I know that we avoid any conflict because if we were really honest with each other and our families, everything we have would come crashing down. This terrifies me.”

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