Warren’s FAILURE Exposes Feminist Democrat Hypocrisy, Refuse To Accept Hillary And Warren Are Awful

Warren’s FAILURE Exposes Feminist Democrat Hypocrisy, Refuse To Accept Hillary And Warren Are Awful. Rachel Maddow held a exit interview with Elizabeth Warren and said with her exit it was the end for a female president in their lifetimes completely ignoring Tulsi Gabbard who is still in the race.

Warren did substantially better than Gabbard but it was the establishment and the progressives who smeared Tulsi and went after her in underhanded ways.

Hillary Clinton actually claimed she lost because she was a woman, several high profile Democratic strategists said it was because Warren and Hillary are women but many of these people smeared Tulsi.

When they go after Tulsi its principle but when they lose its gender.

You can’t have it both ways

You can’t go after Republicans for being the party of old white men, complain that your candidate was treated unfairly but then target a female candidate with smears.

If the new polling shows us anything its that for one Trump is going to win in November but more importantly it shows that the Democratic party and Democratic voters only care about winning and they will support whoever they think will win regardless of policy be it far left or moderate.


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