Why Feelings Are Not Arguments

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Question: “The first time I ever listened to your podcast, and many times since, you’ve shut down a caller when they use the phrase: ‘I feel that…’ by telling them how that isn’t an argument. You’re right, of course, feelings aren’t arguments. However, my limited knowledge of psychology is that the unconscious mind is doing a lot of work in the background crunching through data at a much higher speed than the conscious mind is able to. And, when the unconscious arrives at a conclusion, this may be presented as a feeling or an intuition. This could be an experienced electrician who can just point at a wall and know that the problem is behind it, or a football quarterback that knows he has to throw the ball right now. I’ve always pictured your unconscious as a savant who is hogtied and gagged in the trunk of your car and his only way of getting a message to you is to bump his head on the back of the seats.”

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