Will Trump Be Re-Elected in 2020? Freedomain: Ask Me Anything!

Some questions:
– Ben Shapiro thinks Trump will lose the 2020 election. What do you think Trumps’ odds are at winning? Specifically against Bernie and the other “progressive left” candidates?
– Aware you not fan of man-whore. But Most Dating-coaches recommend men to DATE LOTS of women before settling-down or not. Man has to lead relationship, experience required, right? YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE?
– How can I convince my husband to homeschool our kids? We have a three year old and one year old and I have been a stay at home mom the whole time. My husband wants them to go to be “normal”
– Can’t we just reject Hume: ought from an is? Seems to make any moral system impossible, nihilism.
– Any advice on trying to connect with my mother further who I have had a very distant relationship with since parents break up at age 9. 22 now.
– Do you watch other YouTubers?
– Will you debate Cenk Uygur?
– Are you Jewish?
– Are you a prepper and what are your thoughts on prepping for natural disasters/end of civilization events and the prepping community?
– Opinion on couples who don’t want kids?
– with the rise of open socialism in American politics, how long before open communist are elected?
– Hello! What do you think about the repression of a white man in America? It really sounds sad isn’t it?
– Thoughts on Canada’s real estate costs & supply shortages? Toronto/Vancouver avg detached is now $1.3m. Suburbs pretty bad as well. Canada has prostituted herself to foreign investors and launderers.
– With the culture war getting more intense do you think there is any way to find common ground before culture war turns to open war?
– Where do you see the West in 10 years?
– Would you do a video on the public’s fascination with psychopaths? The Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix and Zac Efron playing him in a film made me interested in why some women did and still find him attractive and enigmatic.
– America needs to import women from Latin America because those cultures still take marriage and family seriously. What do you think?
– I am still worried about rescuing high tech from the progressives.
– How often do FDR callers let you know how things go after the calls? What have you found from those follow-ups? Always curious where people end up!
– I find it fascinating how IQ difference can explain so many other inequities. But since its a data driven conclusion, and not true a priori, could we find inequities where IQ/genetic data didn’t map?
– Can you please come back to New Zealand? There are a great many of us who feel embarrassed by the way those in power here treated you and Lauren.
– Can you talk about where you differ with Ayn Rand and Objectivism?
– Thoughts on Legault’s bill to prohibit civil servants from wearing religious symbols in Qu?bec?
– What is your assessment of The Enlightenment construct versus Postmodernism as measured by the current political ethos? And how do I argue effectively with the Postmodernists that I encounter?

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