Woke Medicine

America has a shortage of doctors. It’s one reason why health care costs so much. Yet the AMA, the biggest doctor’s association, is focused on telling doctors to use Marxist language.
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The AMA now tells doctors to use woke language.

Instead of saying equality, say “equity.”

Don’t say minority, say “historically marginalized.”

“Can you imagine anyone actually doing this?” says journalist Matthew Yglesias. “What would happen if you were in a clinical setting and somebody starts giving you this lecture about landowners?”

Silly language is one thing.

But the AMA also makes it harder for people to become doctors, and lobbies for rules that reduce the number of doctors.

“They restrict what kinds of people can provide medical services,” Yglesias tells me.

It’s a reason America has fewer doctors than any European country.

I’ll show you how the AMA acts like a doctor cartel.

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